First Chemo


Today is Saturday, day 4 in the hospital.

Simon has had 3 rounds of chemo so far with the 4th tonight.

He has only thrown up twice- once was a protest (I’ll throw up if you give that to me.  *does it* see, I told you I would) and the other was right after chemo ended.

Overall he’s been doing great.

Wednesday when we went in he had two bone marrow aspirations (biopsies) and his port placed on his left clavicle.  They did give him versed so he was pretty loopy before (which was funny and sad) so he doesn’t remember much of that morning thank goodness.

He came out of anesthesia really well- not too grumpy, just hurting.

They gave him a fast acting pain med that would make him fall asleep for a few minutes.

The doctor was really impressed after the first chemo round that he didn’t get nauseated and that he hasn’t been super nauseated yet.

It’s still a struggle to get him to eat- if you know Simon really well you know that he’s always loved drinks but it’s been a challenge since he was a baby to get him to eat solid foods.  He’s not picky- just has never had a strong desire for food.

But this morning I’m getting small bites of a chocolate muffin in his mouth.

He is down 3 pounds from 2 weeks ago which isn’t good.

Could be worse but still is a lot of weight for a 4 year old.

Anytime a nurse comes in he asks right away “What are you doing?”  “What is that medicine?”  “What does it do?”  He’s very inquisitive.

I’ll try to add pictures to the blog as I go along- but it’s hard when it’s such a busy time.

It’s the busiest time of the year for work for me.

Meg has her appointments every few weeks.

And then we have Simon up here every few weeks but trying to keep him healthy at home too.

He did tell me this morning when I asked if he wants to go home in a few days “No, I can’t go home cause the doctors haven’t fixed my tummy yet.”

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