Join Our Army

I stole this from another cancer mom’s site

I imagine having an army behind me helping me fight the perfect storm. If you are up for it please leave a comment with the special forces group that you would like to join and THANK YOU.

ANGELS: moral, emotional, and spiritual support

FOODIES: nutrition, cooking, recipes, supplements, grocery shopping

CLOWNS: fun, entertainment, decorations, positivity, music, laughter (for Simon mainly but for us too:-)

Meg FANS: play dates, driving to places, picking up and dropping off from babysitting, love, fun, and attention for our #2

PHOTOGRAPHERS: taking pics and capturing this perfect storm, telling the story through pictures

ON CALLERS: 24/7, whatever needed, whenever needed, errands, last minute requests


We get asked all the time what you can do for us.

We hate to ask, we hate to come up with things.
But here are things we do need:

  1. babysitters for Meg that will make sure she gets naps, eat appropriately for her dietary needs (due to her genetic disease), and keep her clean and having fun.
  2. Food.  Sometimes we just need someone to help us keep healthy food at the house as we don’t want to stop at 9pm from the hospital to the grocery store when we’d rather have that extra 30 minutes with Meg at home.
    Bananas, apples, food pouches for Meg, veggies
  3. An offer of someone to come have lunch with us at the hospital, bonus points if you bring food 🙂
  4. laundry.  I usually make time for one evening/afternoon to do laundry of our basic needs.  But taking time to do our bedding is hard as that takes more time.
  5. cards.  I love cards as they have more thought put into them.  And Simon would love to see mail for himself!
  6. drinks.  yes the hospital ice is awesome but sometimes you need a sugary drink.  the hospital does not do sugar anymore and I refuse to drink diet drinks.  Mtn Dew or Dr Pepper for Caleb and any kind of fruity drink for me 🙂
  7. someone to talk to.  sometimes we want to be left alone but it’s nice to talk about NORMAL things


2 thoughts on “Join Our Army

  1. Angel, Clown, 24/7, Foodies, Photographer

    #3 need – ANY day and time, You let me know when you’re here, I’m here M-F and usually can slip away between 11-2 for some lunch, and I’d happily meet up with you. We can even walk over to the U and get some sugar pop and better tasting food (maybe/maybe not healthier). 😉

    #5 – I’ll work on making some ‘mail’ for Simon, I need to know where you guys ended up, did you get moved back to PICU? I stopped by CMU on Halloween because I had a coworker in a very cool minion costume, but they said you’d been moved.

    #6 – Happy to make a run over to the U cafeteria if you’re jonesing for a sugar soda, my desk line is 801-662-3502 and I think I texted you my cell.

    I have the advantage because I work here, and I love/hate seeing friends at work, if ya know what I mean. Please please don’t hesitate to reach out, makes my day if I can help make your hard time the slightest bit better. xoxo

    Amanda Kirk


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