Radiation Ride Begins

We met with the radiology team at Huntsman Cancer Institute today.
Simon will do 12 rounds of radiation starting next week. Each round is a half hour dose.

This week he’ll have a chest CT to map out where they’ll radiate. He’ll also have about 3 tiny dot tattoos placed on his chest so they can line up the equipment perfectly each time.

Yes these are permanent tattoos.
Yes we’ll probably draw them into something cooler like a Batman🦇 symbol (temporarily, he’s 5). 😉

This is 5 days /week putting him done with radiation on Dec 27th (roundabout, the holiday 🎄 may throw it off).

Then he’ll get about a 2 week break before they start full body scans and tests to make sure he’s still NED (no evidence of disease, similar to remission).

And that’s how we’ll end 2017 and start 2018.
Crazy busy but it’ll be nice to be home and no inpatient stays for another month or so

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