Radiation 6/12

Today is radiation #6 out of 12.

Halfway through already. 
He looks skinny in this picture but he’s sucking in 🙂 

Every Friday he gets to pick a prize from a treasure chest. They’re really good prizes. What did he pick? A solar  dancing flower.  Funny kid.

Radiation hasn’t been too bad. He gets a little nauseated for a couple hours after. Since he had to get up early he’s pretty tired. He sure fights it though and has had lots of energy.

After the appointment today we are going to City Creek to visit Santa. We’ll be the first ones there (courtesy of Millies Princess Foundation) so it should be safe for Simon. He’s already seen Santa but Meg hasn’t and she is SO obsessed with Santa.

It’s been a rough couple days in the cancer world as we lost a dear friend, Oliver, and my co-workers daughter’s cancer has  doubled in the last couple weeks. I hate this cancer world. It sucks. But we’ll keep fighting, lobbying for better care, and loving those around us.

Merry Christmas!

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