End of Radiation

Yesterday, January 2, 2018, was Simon’s last day of radiation.

It felt like we should have had a party but it’s also the beginning of something else.

The radiation team at Huntsman was fantastic!  We love Steve who always knew how to be funny and pick the best music.

Simon was great with radiation- never complained, was very relaxed.

I brought Meg with me to the last treatment.  She had never seen the room and was very concerned about what they were doing with Simon.  She kept saying his name over and over.

Then when we went to the waiting room and I shut the door Meg got super emotional and started sobbing about leaving Simon. I think she thought we really left him forever.  It’s sad but kinda cute.

Simon got a hot wheels car, blanket, and a blue certificate of completion.  Of course the certificate was his favorite part.

Radiation did mean a very busy Christmas break for us.  Every weekday morning except New Years Day and Christmas Day we had an early appointment.  So we never got to sleep-in during the break but we’re glad to have it.

Caleb starts school on January 8th.  We’re excited that he only has 3 semesters left but it’s going to be a ROUGH semester.  Simon has intense treatment with immunotherapy, Caleb will be at school 3 days/week, work 3 days/week and just have Sundays at home.

I’ll still be working as much as I can to pay for our insurance.
My work has been absolutely fabulous to give me a job that doesn’t require as much (even though I am BORED most of the time).  They donated 52 days of PTO to me last year.  I had 23 of my own.  So 75 PTO days and I still ran out.  Such is a cancer parent life….

Now I am writing this January 4th.  🙂
We went to clinic today.  Simon’s platelets are finally recovering on their own, his ANC is not SUPER high but it’s good.
His white blood cells look great.
His liver numbers are finally normal.

I was told today his scans will probably be next week.
Scanxiety is in full effect!  The same week Caleb starts school.

Life is always busy and we’re grateful to all be home right now!
Meg keeps ALL OF US busy.  The girls always has a bruise, has a conversation going, is running, eating, or climbing something.  Such the opposite of Simon at this age.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us.  Anywhere from listening to me, to babysitting, to meals, to encouragement, and to the smiles.  I LOVE the smiles at church.  It’s been a long time since we were in a ward for so long and it’s been wonderful to get to know so many people.

Our Heavenly Father continues to understand, love, and bless us.
I am so thankful that Simon has not had any infections.  We are so blessed!
May 2018 be a MUCH better year.  PLEASE.  🙂



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