Diagnosis 2017

Since yesterday I have been posting on my personal page about small moments in the days leading up to Simon’s diagnosis.

It’s hard to write it out but also good.
A lot of families struggle with the day of diagnosis and I wondered why.
I think I get it a lot better now. It’s remembering the events leading up to it.
I hated the diagnosis, still do. Hate that day.
BUT I am grateful that we got an answer.

February 7, 2017

A year ago we were told Simon had Juvenile Arthritis even though he was missing some classic symptoms.

I still didn’t feel right about it so I messaged our friend Carlie (who’s son was in treatment for cancer) to go see her family pediatrician as I just needed that second opinion.

I had an appointment with her the next day.


February 8, 2017
I took Simon to his appointment with the new pediatrician. They did think it was a check-up but after they kept trying to do eye tests and such I informed them this was an appointment for a second opinion.

The doctor came in (Melinda, love her!) and she sat down and just said “tell me the whole story, from the beginning.”
We went over his blood results.
She didn’t even do a physical exam, she just believed me.

Then she said- I’m going to make some phone calls. It might take a while, I’m sorry.

About 40 minutes later she came in, sat down, and said- you are checking into Primary Children’s Hospital in the morning for two days to do a full workup.

It threw me for a loop but I agreed- I HAD to get answers as to why my son was in pain and not acting normal.

*Melinda Liddle called me last week (Feb 2018) just to see how we were doing, if she could do anything for us. I love her so much!

We went home and prepared to be at the hospital by 8am the next day

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