March, Round 3 Immunotherapy

Round 3 of immunotherapy was such a breeze in comparison to the others.

We didn’t have the IL-2 included which made for a less cranky kid. 🙂

He got to go to the playroom every day (and was quite upset when other kids were playing the Wii U :)). We got to wander the hospital a bit which meant demands for fun snacks, toys from the gift shop, and hanging out in the Ronald McDonald House.

It was a nice change to see him happier and more talkative.

Unfortunately what that meant was he was a bit more hyper.
He would be up until 2 or 3 am just talking, playing, watching movies.
I ended up just telling him to entertain himself so I could sleep. 🙂

This round was Caleb’s spring break at the U.
Unfortunate timing as we didn’t get to do anything fun but it was nice for me to have him come stay a night and give me a break.


The next week, amongst Simon’s withdrawal from Morphine which is very loose bowels, Meg got a stomach bug.  after day 5 of her throwing up and loose bowels I took her into the ER.  I knew she would need fluids so it was faster to do the ER than a pediatrician visit.  Poor girl hated it.

But she feels a lot better know and is eating anything she can find!

Which does include mud, tree bark, etc.  Oh Meg, 17 months old. 🙂

The Friday before Easter Caleb and I escaped to the Anniversary Inn for a night.
It was relaxing, fun, and a silly room. The breakfast is so good!

We did an Easter Egg hunt with the Williams side on Saturday then the Fullmer side on Sunday.

We didn’t give the kids any candy in their baskets. They just don’t eat it! So they both got a swimming suit, some outdoor toys, and a couple small toys. Nothing extravagant but simple.

Simon was able to go to our family ranch yesterday. He still has a hard time going outside and gets overwhelmed but he said he said the baby cows from the back porch (we have around 80 on the property right now- so fun!).

So the rest of this first week of April will be spent trying to have some fun but Caleb and I both are back in the full swing of work and school.

Next Monday we have an appointment with the bone marrow team to go over how he’s doing and what our next steps will be.

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