Round 5 of Immunotherapy and End of Treatment

We went into round 5 knowing it’s one of the “easier” ones to do since they don’t add the IL-2 infusion.

Simon did great- in fact it was the first time he didn’t need oxygen overnight for immunotherapy!

We made sure to take extra pictures with people, do all the crafts and playroom things we could do.

One day Irish said Simon could pick any prize he wanted.
Amongst all the Hot Wheels (which he loves) was a nail polish kit.
He chose it! Then he proceeded to paint my nails and Irish’s and we said it was in honor of our friend Courtney who was in TN on a trial. 🙂

I swear we’ve played every game they have in the unit for X Box 360 that is appropriate for Simon. Yet every day he would ask to go see if there were games he hadn’t played. We never found a new one but he loved just getting out.

Every day he asked for a slushy. They don’t allow the slushy machine in the unit because you would have to clean it SO often to get rid of anything that could contaminate it. But he had some great nurses who would go down to the surgical unit and get him one 🙂 And always the wish for an orange one but they all taste good.

On his last day he had his line removed in surgery. Normally they can pull them out but he’d had his for a year and they were worried about his body having grown around it. Surgery went great!
We got to keep the “clamps” from the line since the rest had chemo through it.

Then at 3pm that day all of our family (and some friends) came to the unit and Simon rang the end of treatment bell! He was so excited and so full of energy despite having been under anesthesia that day.

We had chocolate Dunford Donuts for a treat of course. The boy loves them!
Then we went home, unloaded a bit, and went to Black Bear Diner for a celebratory dinner.
And we had the best waitress who happens to be a family friend/neighbor.

So many posters, gifts, big smiles that day.
It took us longer to get there than we thought but WE MADE IT!

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