Currently (will catch up later)

I haven’t been writing as much about our warrior since we finished treatment.
I have been trying to focus on our “new life” and how to cope.

Currently Simon is in kindergarten and loves it.
He is freaky amazing at math (like his 9 year old niece taught him his 2x’s tables last week and he learned it like it was nothing).
He’s working on learning to read and really wants to learn.

However he is struggling physically.
All the months of being in bed, especially the 2nd stem cell transplant, left him very weak on his right side. Particularly his right leg.
He can’t run. He thinks he can but his 2 year old sister is much fast than him (and me as well but she’s just Meg).

We’ve had some amazing things happen since June- Simon went in the ocean his first time (but only for a second as he didn’t like it), played in the sand, went camping and got his first stitches from an accident (tripped over a rock and hit a rock), got a new bike and LOVES it though it’s hard for him to ride.

He started physical therapy and has improved in the strength of his ankles they were very loose and bent the wrong way. We’re still working on that right leg and he’s very determined to get stronger.

My heart just aches though sometimes. There was a fun run at school last week and I knew I needed to be there. So I took the day off, put Meg in the double stroller, and followed from a distance.
Then I heard him. Crying, yelling- wait for me!
My heart broke.
I ran up to him, put him in the stroller, and told him we’d catch up. We took a short cut and made it to the finish line. He ran through the finish line and was so excited.
But then he was anxious and down for the rest of the day.
I don’t blame him. They should have had someone running with him, pulling up the back. Good thing I was there as he needed his mom for comfort.

He gets tired easily but keeps trying to do everything.
He’s really into Legos lately and building his own things.

His great-grandma died a few months ago and he built her grave out of legos… a bit morbid but he did a good job! 🙂

We have scans and tests coming up next week and the following two weeks.
I just pray they all come back clean.

One thought on “Currently (will catch up later)

  1. Wishing you all the best for good scans. And I’m so glad you were there for his fun run. Breaks my heart to read that story. Bug hugs!


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