Diagnosis Day – 2 years later

Two years ago today.

Our hearts were broken yet strengthened.
Our souls were crushed yet soothed.

We were grateful for answers.
Grateful for a plan for our son.

Hurt. Crumbling. I felt like I lost all feeling in my limbs.
I didn’t eat all day.
A sister in law brought us Arby’s
I still don’t like going there anymore.

I assume I pumped milk for Meg – but I don’t remember.

I have regrets about that day. Not getting to the hospital sooner. Not being there to be told.
I was told on the phone that Simon had cancer. They weren’t sure what kind but it was bad.

I arrived at the hospital after many people.
I was told not to drive as I couldn’t feel my arms.

Simon had no clue. He just knew he had a new truck with a trailer and horses. Tons of new hot wheels. Could order any food he wanted.

He just wanted that needle out of his hand and to go home.

We were scared to go home.
We had only heard stories of mostly leukemia where you start treatment immediately.
But they sent us home that day to return in about two weeks to start treatment.

We didn’t announce to anyone except family and very close friends and our work places.
We weren’t ready for the barrage of questions and concerns.

So we went home and cuddled closer.
Holding each other as one was stronger when the other was weaker.

We are not celebrating today but just commemorating the day our lives changed forever.

We are so grateful of the miracle Simon is.
Our Heavenly Father has blessed us, held us, and loves us so much.

#warriorsimon #diagnosisday #childhoodcancerawareness #alwayshugginggeorgie

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