Being a Parent

I grew up in a very idillic environment.

I have five siblings and we build lego houses for our micromachines, used binders taped together for barbie houses, clipped cards onto our bike spokes, and played in irrigation water during the summer.

My mom was blessed to be home with us while my dad worked from home. We took great local vacations, went camping a lot, and had amazing snow and water fights.

The only things we had to deal with were older family members dying, my brothers having asthma, and me being very accident prone.

I had no idea how hard parenthood could be as my parents made it look easy.

But then they never had to deal with what I’ve come to realize exists.

I’ve known more kids dying of cancer and accidents since Simon was diagnosed than in the 34 years prior.

My heart is just aching for the losses. The pain. The stress that comes with the financial burden of trying to save your children.

As we say goodbye to an dear friend today I explain to my children, who are 3 & 7, why this happens.

Sweet Simon says – it will be OK. She’ll go to heaven, see her Heavenly Father, then the resurrection will happen and we’ll see her again. And we have the Holy Ghost here to comfort us.

The sweet strong testimony from the mouth of a child.

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